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Xi 'an zhituo instrument & instrument co., LTD is a professional industrial automation instrument manufacturer integrating r&d, production, sales and after-sales service. It is a high-tech enterprise in shaanxi province. The company produces several types of temperature meters, pressure meters, precision digital display meters, calibration meters, flow meters, manual operators, pressure transmitters, etc.

Our superior products come from a research and development team with a variety of sophisticated test equipment and equipment. Our r & d center has a variety of advanced r & d equipment, and we also build a number of controlled laboratories, at the same time, we have a variety of precision controlled experimental equipment to test the reliability and reliability of products. These advanced test systems and equipment make our products a famous brand in the field of pressure and temperature measurement and calibration.

Since its establishment, the company has made remarkable achievements and considerable development in a short time based on the development strategy of "creating miracles with science and technology and keeping pace with the world". However, in recent years, with the increase of competitiveness, the company's business strategy turns to "customer demand as the center, service first", which makes the company's performance in recent years leap development. Based on the customer value and the support from all walks of life, we believe that our company will become a leader in the industry.

In the network development "high-speed, digital, comprehensive, intelligent" today, our company will be "quality, innovation, integrity, win-win" spirit of enterprise, through the modern network means, to provide a more convenient service channels.

In the tide of market economy, enterprises are directly facing the dual pressure of knowledge economy and commodity economy. This situation not only creates more and better opportunities for enterprises, but also makes enterprises face greater risks and challenges.

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Sales hotline: 029-68099265 68099256     

Sales hotline: 029-68099265 68099256

Email address: zhtyb20@126.com

Xi an zhituo instrument & instrument co. LTD

Address: no. 106, weiyang road, weiyang district, xi an city, shaanxi province, China

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