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In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, most of the calibration of pressure gauges is done on the industrial site. In China, pressure meters are basically calibrated in the laboratory. With the development of economy, the progress of science and technology and the advancement of measurement reform, the calibration of pressure meters is gradually transferred to the industrial site.

Advantages of pressure field calibration:

1. More reliable calibration results.

There is a certain difference between the pressure instrument and the calibration laboratory in the industrial site temperature, humidity, electromagnetic environment level installation direction, etc. The on-site calibration can better represent the real operation of the calibrated instrument, reduce the error caused by the difference between the operation environment and the calibration environment.

2. High calibration efficiency in industrial field.

Compared with the calibration of pressure instruments in the laboratory, the industrial site calibration reduces the disassembly, transportation, installation after calibration and other links, and the work efficiency is higher.

3. Reduce instrument damage and pipeline leakage caused by disassembly.

If the pressure instrument is returned to the laboratory for calibration, it may be damaged due to disassembly, transportation, etc. In addition, disassembling and installing instruments may cause pipeline leakage.

Key points for selecting field pressure calibration instrument:

1. Choose instruments with high degree of automation

Environmental conditions in industrial sites are often quite harsh, so the simpler the operation in the industrial site, the better, then what can be automated? First of all, try to choose the calibration instrument that can automatically pressurize, reduce the process of manually lifting pressure on the spot; Second choice which has the function of "task management", data storage, calibration instruments, task management can be realized in the office will check task data (including instrument location, number, precision, the basic information such as the commissioner) input calibration instruments, save the trouble for paper records and paper records error prone, subsequent calls, traceability is difficult.

2. Choose portable instruments

Carry out calibration work to the industrial site, carry the calibration instrument should not be overweight, convenient to carry, it is best to supply power from the scene, save the trouble of pulling the line.

3. Choose instruments with high reliability

The on-site calibration environment is complex, so the calibration instrument itself is required to have the ability to resist electromagnetic interference and environmental interference, as well as the ability to prevent blocking, leakage and pollution.

4. Choose multi-functional instruments

The traditional pressure calibration solution is composed of a variety of instruments, including pressure source, standard table, multimeter, manual operator, etc. The pressure calibration instrument integrating the above functions can realize the easy calibration of pressure instrument on the spot.

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