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How can pressure gauges, absolute pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges be distinguished and used in those scenarios? This article makes a brief introduction. First, let's look at the concept of three kinds of pressure:

Gauge pressure: pressure measured by taking atmospheric pressure as zero point.

Absolute pressure: pressure measured with absolute vacuum as zero.

Differential pressure: pressure expressed by taking any pressure other than atmospheric pressure as zero


The pressure gauge pressure gauge gauge pressure gauge (commonly known as the pressure gauge), the pressure gauge for measuring absolute pressure is called absolute pressure gauge, the pressure gauge for measuring differential pressure is called differential pressure gauge.

Now that we know the basic concepts of pressure gauges, absolute pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges, let's see where they are used.

1, the application of pressure gauges: pressure gauges in daily life is the most common, blood pressure meter, fire extinguisher, train, oxygen pipe, and so on will see pressure gauges, in the process of industrial process control and technical measurement pressure gauges are more important, the following pictures can see the application of pressure gauges.


2. Application of absolute pressure gauge: atmospheric pressure gauge, altimeter, depth vacuum pressure gauge, etc.


Atmospheric pressure gauge



3. Application of differential pressure gauge: it is suitable for measuring the differential pressure, flow rate and other parameters of various liquid (gas) body media in the process of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors. For example, it is used in the clean space of the pharmaceutical factory, and the differential pressure meter is used to monitor the indoor pressure is greater than the outdoor pressure, so as to ensure that the outdoor dirty air cannot enter the room. Application in toxic gas storage container, monitoring the pressure in the container is lower than the external pressure, to ensure that toxic gas will not leak.


Differential pressure gauge

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