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Xi 'an zhituo instrument & instrument co., LTD. Has been rated as "a-level taxpayer" for several consecutive years.

In the company leadership and the joint efforts of the staff of xi 'an wisdom billiton instrument co., LTD. Evaluation for consecutive years by the state administration of taxation in Shanxi Province "a-class taxpayers," this is the national recognition of the enterprise, the social recognition of the enterprise, the honor is not only of the past certainly, it is encouraged for the future of company, enterprise staff unprecedented unity, think more frequently, the good product quality, with excellent product to society.


Grade A credit:

Grade A shall be awarded to those who score more than 90 points in the appraisal.

However, it shall not be recognized as grade A under any of the following circumstances:

(1) the actual production and operation period is less than 3 years; (2) the tax payment credit evaluation result of the previous evaluation year is grade D; (3) the VAT or business tax is declared zero or negative for three consecutive months or a total of six months in an evaluation year due to abnormal reasons; (4) failing to set up account books in accordance with the provisions of the unified accounting system of the state, and to provide accurate tax information to the tax authorities in accordance with legal and effective vouchers for accounting.

Class B credit:

Grade B tax credit is the annual evaluation index score 70 points above but less than 90 points

M-class credit:

The following enterprises that have not committed ACTS of dishonesty listed in article 20 of the credit management measures shall be subject to m-class tax credit :(1) newly established enterprises. (2) enterprises that have no income from production and operation within the evaluation year and score more than 70 points in the annual evaluation index.

As of April 1, 2018, item 2 of article 17 of the credit management measures shall be repealed simultaneously.

Grade C credit:

Grade C tax credit is the annual evaluation index score 40 points above but less than 70 points.

D credit:

Grade D shall be given if the rating is less than 40 or if the rating is determined by direct grading.

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